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Kickstarter Campaign


Hi everyone,


We have been making our sauces for two years now. My back ground is I've been a chef for 28 years and my wife is a sculptor artist. We have been selling our sauces at local markets mainly. This winter our sauce won an award at the annual "The hot pepper awards" in NYC. We are now ready for the next step, in order to expand we will need to go to a co packer ( we have been doing everything ourselves to this point, growing the peppers, cooking up the sauces, bottling, labeling, selling etc. )


Since each product you summit to a co packer requires a minimum quantity ordered, the amount of money you'll need rises quickly. The minimum amount to get started is $5,000. After we get going with one product we hope it will get the ball rolling for our other sauces.


We appreciate your consideration and are convinced you"ll love our products.

Diane Gilbert and Benoit St Jacques. 

Risks and challenges

We have been producing our product for two years now and have been approached by a hot sauce distribution box company dealing in larger quantities, we are now talking with 2 small co packers in our region. 


We are ready for this next step.

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